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    The war between your hat & sunglasses is over.

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    <p>Ponytail Hats</p>

    Ponytail Hats

    We ended the war between your hat & sunglasses...

    Now it's time to end the war between your hat and ponytail with our Notch Ponytail hats. Perfect for your ponytail or high messy bun!


    What are those notches for?

    Tired of your hat & sunglasses fighting with each other? We were too. Our patented (US Patent No. 9,027,165) notches eliminate the interference between your hat & sunglasses, providing the most secure, comfortable fit possible. FIND OUT which Notch hat will work best with your glasses.

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    <p>Notch-less Hats</p>

    Notch-less Hats

    Love the hat but don't need the notches? Pick up a Notch-less version!

    Now available for select styles with more coming soon.



    Purchasing any apparel item online is a little can't try it on first and that can be a little scary.  We're guessing you're as picky as we are when it comes to your hat fitting properly.  Now you can order with confidence because we've developed the Notch Perfect Fit Guide to make sure you get the Notch hat that's right for you.

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