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Adaptable Mekong Facemask - VIKTØS

SKU M-2007701

Adaptable Mekong Facemask - VIKTØS 

Desperate times call for desperado measures

With the adaptable facemask you can go full bandit to full biker and everything in between. The beauty of the adaptable face mask is it's simplicity. Cover your face, soak up your sweat before it gets in your eyes, keep long hair from getting tangled, and a multitude of other uses. The stretch poly seamless chassis will quickly become an essential part of your EDT kit.

Crafted with the following details:

  • Color: Tiger Green
  • 100% stretch polyester
  • Multiple use face mask, balaclava, head scarf neck scarf, sun protection, ect.
  • Fade-free sublimated graphics
  • U.S. veteran designed 

*Due to the nature of this product, these masks are non-returnable.